Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Three Day Quote Challenge- Day One

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Three Day Quote Challenge- Day One” — I have been nominated by Karen Oberlaender of My Train of Thoughts On.  Thank you for the fun.  :) Rules of the Challenge Thank the blogger who nominated you Publish 3 quotes on 3 consecutive days ...


C.L. Wells
C.L. Wells says “I just sent a newsletter with some updates! Did you get it? Sign up so you don't miss the next one!” — Please take a moment to subscribe to my newsletter. You’ll receive advance notice on updates, news, contests, and giveaways.   Recent Ramblings   Share this:Share on Facebook (Opens in n…

Kiss of Death on Twitter

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “Get your lines ready!” — “#1lineWed November 4th theme is.... **********COLD************* pls no buy links pls have fun!”

RUMOR: Disney May Retire Princess Leia's "Slave Outfit" From Merchandise

Blake Northcott
Blake Northcott says “CBR just re-posted J. Scott Campbell's comments from my Facebook thread and made a story about it re: Slave Leia.” — RUMOR: Disney May Retire Princess Leia's "Slave Outfit" From Merchandise - Marvel cover artist J. Scott Campbell claims Disney is "well on its way" to eliminating "Slave Leia"-related "Star Wars" merchandise.

15 Tips for Awesomely Effective Self-Editing

Deina Furth
Deina Furth says “15 Tips for Awesomely Effective Self-Editing: ” — Note: NONE of this will ever replace the expertise of an experienced, professional proofreader or editor. You should never forego professional editing services if you want to stand out and be taken…

Why some Thai sex workers say they are happy in their jobs

Murray Hunter
Murray Hunter says “Many Thai sex workers say they are happy in their jobs @AsCorrespondent — This article is based on conversations with more than 20 active and former Thai sex workers held over a 6-month period... WHEN the issue of sex workers in Thailand is brought up, any discussion is usually characterized with words of ‘exploitation’, ‘coercion’, and ‘human trafficking’. However, if one visits some of the many bars, karaoke joints, and massage parlours around Phuket, Bangkok, and Pattaya, and listen to the many stories from the sex workers themselves, it is not necessarily th…

Cyber Bullying - It hurts - Defying Mental Illness

Stewart Bint
Stewart Bint says “Take cyber bulling seriously. It hurts. @DefyingOddsBook — by Stewart Bint “Baa Baa Bleat Bleat, have you any bile? Yes Sir, yes Sir, we spread it all the while. We take a lie, push it far and wide, And wash away the truth with the outgoing tide. Lies and hate we spread ‘til our victims fill with dread, We care not a jot …

Adventures in Amazon keyword padding

Eugenio Salvato
Eugenio Salvato says “Adventures in Amazon keyword padding: |” — by Sandra Hutchison Authors sometimes work very hard to get keywords into their product descriptions on Amazon, but there's actually a better way to come up in Amazon searches. It's a technique called keyword padding that I first learned about…

Interview with Jacob Delaney

Lela Markham
Lela Markham says “Interview with Jacob Delaney”
This week the blog hop is about interviewing one of my characters. Jacob Delaney is one of my characters from Transformation Project and I decided to interview him, quite frankly, …

Staying Positive After a Breakup

Karleen says “How do you stay positive after a breakup?! Here's how: ”
We've all gone through it - that post breakup slump. Where a big black cloud seems to come over your world and all of a sudden you're encased in negativity and pessimism.…

Guest Post by Sara Bain

Sara Bain
Sara Bain says “Leave a comment on Sonya's blog about your spooky story and win a copy Sara Bain's Ghost Tree via @destinylover09
It's time for another guest post, this time from Sara Bain. ~~~~~ I grew up in a house haunted by spirits – or so I was told. I was seven years old when I moved into one half …

Spotlight On: Michael Robertson #WinterofZombie

Armand Rosamilia
Armand Rosamilia says “Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Michael Robertson What is your latest zombie release? The Alpha Plague Series...”
Winter of Zombie 2015 SPOTLIGHT ON: Michael Robertson What is your latest zombie release? The Alpha Plague Series Quick description of it (no spoilers) Rhys is an average guy who w…

The Seeker Series

Timothious Smith
Timothious Smith says “Did you see it? Today’s hottest tweet among people I follow by @violetflamed
Ally Moran is psychic. She also may be the next Oracle, a powerful Seer descended from ancient Druids. She would like to be able to forget all that and just concentrate on...

I Created The Monster

Barb Taub
Barb Taub says “I Created The Monster via behindthewillow”
I created the monster. Well, that one too, but that's not the one I'm talking about. No, the monster I'm talking about is the one that rears it's ugly head ever…

Sad for 60 Minutes - True Tales: a Reporter's Blog

Tom Kelly
Tom Kelly says “Television, please give credit where it's due. Shame on 60 Minutes”
I grew up admiring 60 Minutes for its storytelling and investigative reporting. So many original stories. No one on television was doing what 60 Minutes was doing then. It looked s…

Contract Workers Are Suing Amazon

ketadiablo says “READ: Contract Workers Are Suing Amazon -”
Amazon doesn't want to be known as a bad employer. But with factory workers striking, corporate employees allegedly crying at their desks, and now, contract employees suing, that's…

Redemption Rising

Butterfly says “"I'm home beneath the woven galaxies that circle my spirit and speak my name." -Redemption Rising”
I’m home beneath the woven galaxies that circle my spirit and speak my name. Share:TwitterFacebookGooglePinterestPocketRedditLinkedInEmail

The First Rule of Writer's Club...

L J Ross
L J Ross says “The First Rule of Writer’s Club…”
Good morning! I hope that you all enjoyed the weekend and had a bit of fun on Hallowe'en, if that's your thing! I used to enjoy an annual popcorn fest watching the Scream…

Probox diaries: Adventures in Kuria

Archie Okeyo
Archie Okeyo says “Probox diaries: Adventures in Kuria - 😉”
I  woke up at 5:30am leaving my comfortable bed and heading to the bus stop to board a Probox to Kehancha. Kehancha is a thirty minutes drive from Migori town and can be as comfort…