Monday, 30 November 2015

Business Musings: Writing to Market

AntrimCycle says “Business Musings: Writing to Market via @KristineRusch — Marie Force wrote a lovely blog post this week on the five-year anniversary of her major success as an indie writer. She busts a few myths about her career in the post, and she’s very clear about h…

LONDON'S GUILDHALL: Where Buckingham Did Not Spit

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “LONDON’S GUILDHALL: Where Buckingham Did Not Spit” — In the heart of the City of London stands the medieval Guildhall. Built between 1411 and 1440 on the site of a much older structure, for the most part it survived the Great Fire of London, and stil...

Queen Nefertiti in Tut's tomb?

AntrimCycle says “Could hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb solve Queen Nefertiti mystery? -” — Experts "90 per cent" sure of hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb, which may contain Egypt's lost queen.

Kristián Mensa’s Funny Illustrations On Everyday Objects Will Definitely Make Your Day

Mark Kirkbride
Mark Kirkbride says “Kristián Mensa’s Funny Illustrations On Everyday Objects Will Definitely Make Your Day” — Water slide by Maria Sofou Kristián Mensa is a young Prague-based artist who just enjoys mixing everyday objects with doodles! Mensa's playful illustrations give new and unexpected meanings to otherwise dull and ordinary stuff like pasta, cables, plastic bags, lightbulbs and more, in the most creative way! From straws turning into a water slide, to a…

5. Black Friday

Mara Oudenes
Mara Oudenes says “5. Black Friday” — Callie finds out why you should never lie about your dress size. 5. Black Friday

How to Narrate a Riveting Fight Scene

AntrimCycle says “How to Narrate a Riveting Fight Scene” — Many stories depend on fight scenes for action and excitement. Storytellers are used to watching marvelous fights on screen, but that doesn’t tell us how to make combat riveting with our words. So it’s no ...

The Art Of Appreciation - 101

Angelique S Anderson
Angelique S Anderson says “I really love this. On point!!! :P” —   In a few paragraphs I believe I can explain why it’s so important to leave reviews,  share works both written work and artwork, tell you it’s not as easy as it looks, and teach you things yo...

Walking Between Worlds Sale!

Jay Norry
Jay Norry says “The Walking Between Worlds Sale. Now until December 3rd.”
To celebrate the release of the final Walking Between Worlds book (yes, Fall of the Walker King arrives this Tuesday!), Sudden Insight Publishing has put the first two books on sal…