Saturday, 21 November 2015

Walk on the Wild Side

Paul Zunckel:Author
Paul Zunckel:Author says “Walk on the Wild Side” — I know, I have not posted for awhile, so please forgive excuse is that I have been taken on a journey...screaming and shouting but to no avail as my characters are not the type to listen to...

Dreaming of the Perfect Day

Charles Yallowitz
Charles Yallowitz says “Dreaming of the Perfect Day” — I wish for the perfect day Where nothing is on my shoulders And the future will not turn bleak No errands on the list Or responsibilities to cause stress Everything is in others hands So that I may...

Bob Geldof, it's not millennials who have blood on our hands - it's Western interventionists

Susie Kearley
Susie Kearley says “Bob Geldof's 'millennials' (not sure if I'm one of those!) respond” — Bob Geldof has a problem with young people tweeting. Speaking at the One Young World conference, pop’s John the Baptist (to Bono’s Jesus), warned millennials that by tweeting about our breakfasts, Instagramming our lunches and Vining our dinners, the current generation have allowed extremists groups to rise unfettered.

Holiday Extravaganza part deux

TJ Shortt
TJ Shortt says “What’s that? Free books? Big money? Yup. Go. Holiday Extravaganza from @choosybookworm — Mazie Baby and I are featured, along with AJ Lape and Effrosyni Moschoudi in the Choosy Bookworm Holiday Extravaganza GIVEAWAY! Phew, that was a lot of links... Go ahead, enter the rafflecopter bel...

Father of Lies - BooksGoSocial Daily

Sarah E. England
Sarah E. England says “Extract posted for competition win.. can you help me?? Thank you!” — It was only four o’clock but the light had faded to a purple dusk. Becky waited at the bus stop. The wind whipped sharply round her legs, cutting into her back through the thin jacket she wore. Behind her, miles of barren moor land. To each side, a grey and empty highway; and in front …

HellKat by Robyn Roze

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “Adult Romance via @RobynRozeAuthor
Big city business woman meets her match in a Big Sky horse rancher, and the sparks are gonna fly ... Men and relationships have always disappointed Kat James. Not that it matters, …

How important is a Book Title?

Aditi Chopra
Aditi Chopra says “How important is a Book Title? ”
Having written a number of books and being in the business for sometime, I have come to the conclusion that in addition to the cover of a book, the title also plays an important pa…

Stuart Lennon on Twitter

Susie Kearley
Susie Kearley says “My article in Writers' Forum seems to be going down well. Second compliment I've had, and it's only just out! :-D”
“@susiekearley #writersforum Cracking article Susie. Really useful. I will keep a copy of that. Well done.”