Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Game of Thrones: Episode Six — The Ice Dragon Review

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “Game of Thrones: Episode Six — The Ice Dragon Review: The finale of Telltale's Game of Thrones series finally ...” — Game of Thrones' finale includes surprising twists, gut-wrenching decisions, and myriad branching paths, encouraging you to return to Westeros one more time.

4 Critical Edits to Make to Your Book’s Description Copy

Aurora Springer
Aurora Springer says “What are the most impactful changes you can make to your book's description copy to boost sales? ” — A book’s description on retailer product pages impacts both readers’ purchasing decisions and the book’s discoverability. Not only does it inform potential readers about the book’s content and enti…

Readers' Gallery

Jay Spencer Green
Jay Spencer Green says “A new addition to the Readers' Gallery. Dawn in Abu Dhabi!” — Some of my wonderful readers, whose smiles tell you they have just received their copy of Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's and not yet actually read it. Jim in Colchester Steve in Solihull Linda in Brit...


Cricket Rohman
Cricket Rohman says “November's Color Post. Do you like the color brown?”
WHY  BROWN, YOU ASK? Because it is November and as I look out my log cabin’s window, I see . . . a lot of brown:   Brown branches, brown (dead) grass, brown leaves in pa…

The Muse Is Everything . . .

S. G. BASU says “The Muse Is Everything . . .”
Talking about muses and methods at Come Selahway With Me . . . . Selah's questions were fantastic and made me work hard and think hard. An excerpt (about aforementioned muse):…