Thursday, 12 November 2015

Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s Son of Zorn Ordered by FOX

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “Phil Lord & Chris Miller’s Son of Zorn Ordered by FOX: Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to co-executi...” — Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to co-executive produce Son of Zorn for FOX, a live-action/animated hybrid comedy in the vein of He-Man.

Harlow Carr: just the spot for a signing session!

Christina James
Christina James says “Harlow Carr: just the spot for a signing session! … …” — Yesterday, I felt amazingly lucky to have been invited to launch The Crossing at the bookshop at Harlow Carr Gardens, near Harrogate in North Yorkshire. (Strictly speaking, it was a pre-launch, my ...

Iconic 'Gum Wall' Gets First Clean In Decades

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson says “Unusual News... Seattle's 'Gum Wall' Gets First Clean In Decades: The "gum wall" was plastered with one millio...” — The "gum wall" was plastered with one million pieces of used chewing gum and became a city landmark over the past 20 years.

Jill's Cumberbatched on Twitter

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “But...I don't get this today. Used to be if you played period, you WORE that wig. Guess I'm old fashioned lol” — “@StoneLord1 dear but Benny doesn't like long hair so ...😂😅”

RichAurilia35 on Twitter

David H Lippman
David H Lippman says “Giants' Brandon Crawford @bcraw35 won the Gold Glove for fielding at shortstop. Way to go.” — “Congrats to @bcraw35 on his first of many Gold Gloves. That trophy will look great next to that silver bat trophy thing you will win.”

9 Fantasy Epics You Must Read - Books Go Social

Mel RJ Smith Author
Mel RJ Smith Author says “9 Fantasy Epics You Must Read” —   Do you love Fantasy? Are you just tired of searching for a good read and want a recommendation? We picked 9 fantastically written novels that will get you hooked and send  you to another world!     1. A Curse upon the Saints by J. Rutger Madison As one war draws to a close, …

How to Edit & Proofread a Novel

Raymond Clarke
Raymond Clarke says “Blog page from R Clarke: How to Edit & Proofread a Novel -” — If you're unsure of how to properly edit or proofread your novel, here's a full description of the process, with instructions.

Here's a Quick Way to Stop Those Embarrassing Texts

Catherine Rose Putsc
Catherine Rose Putsc says “Here's a Quick Way to Stop Those Embarrassing Texts via @arisytner — While we are so blessed to have so many forms of awesome communication, we must be careful in how we use them. The fast pace and impulsive nature of life around us is aimed at tripping us up and, therefore, requires additional pause. I am glad to hear a lot of awareness regarding the dangers of texting and driving. Perhaps the conversation should start by realizing how dangerous texting could be just while standing still.

Hunting Bigfoot: Does the creature exist in Indiana?

Jeana Mann
Jeana Mann says “David David Stanley - he's watching you!” — INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Nov. 9, 2015)-- Do you believe in Bigfoot? Tales and sightings of the hairy creature have been around for years, and despite major scientific evidence, some claim Bigfoot exists...

Are we ready for Star Wars?

Tom Angel
Tom Angel says “The hottest year on Earth so far. A blog. ” — Apart from my Dad, everyone can remember the first time they saw Star Wars: A New Hope. My father saw it as a good opportunity for a nap when he took me in 1982. It was after all a double bill with...

A View To A Skill

Francis Guenette
Francis Guenette says “A View To A Skill - excellent post on demystifying point of view” — Ok, so this post has nothing to do with James Bond and everything to do with viewpoint. For most writers, viewpoint is almost instinctive. We tend to use the viewpoint we are most comfortable...

How to Edit & Proofread a Novel

Angelique S Anderson
Angelique S Anderson says “Thank you Michelle Dunbar this is a good start! :)” — Many people have written a lot on the process of editing a novel to make it error-free and publishable. Almost all of this information is piecemeal however. There never seems to be a comprehensive ...

Trilogy | Arla Dahl

Arla Dahl
Arla Dahl says “I have typed THE END! 🍸Prepare to be teased by some steamy memes! ”
Immoral Virtue Trilogy--Arla Dahl. A highly erotic twist of an already twisted history. "All witchcraft comes from carnal lust which is in women insatiable"

Featured Author: Lisa Orchard

Marcia Meara
Marcia Meara says “Featured Author: Lisa Orchard via @suevan60
My featured author today is Lisa Orchard. Her series The Starlight Chronicles is set at a very special price of just .99. Please take a few minutes to get to know this author and h…

10 Steps to Editing with Focus

Silas Payton
Silas Payton says “10 Steps to Editing with Focus, by Silas Payton.”
10 Steps to Editing With Focus It's not easy editing our own work. We can be over-critical, but at the same time, miss glaring errors that would stand right out to anyone else…

The Story Behind the Spark in My Writing

P. H. Solomon
P. H. Solomon says “The Story Behind the Spark in My Writing ”
Last year, my daughter was doing some alpha reading on The Bow of Destiny. She suggested adding a dog so Spark is what I came up with. In the book, Athson identifies this dog as a …

Facebook: To Page or Not to Page?

Patricia Stoltey
Patricia Stoltey says “"Facebook: To Page or Not to Page?" by author J. A. Kazimer at the”
Over the last year I’ve taught a few workshops on writing and being a writer. Inevitably I hear the same question in each class, and surprisingly it isn’t, can you even tie your ow…

My Origin Story

Beth Teliho
Beth Teliho says “My Origin Story via @SamaraSpeaks
  If I go back to the beginning, if I start all the way back... maybe I can figure it out.   -----   I wasn't always the happening chick you see on social media…

7 more commonly confused words

Vivienne Sang
Vivienne Sang says “7 more commonly confused words”
    I first of all apologise to everyone for being late with my blog this week. You can blame NaNo in part, but also I had to go out Monday and yesterday. Anyway, here ar…