Friday, 9 October 2015

Readers' Gallery

Jay Spencer Green
Jay Spencer Green says “A new addition to the Readers' Gallery: Estelle in Dublin.” — Some of my wonderful readers, whose smiles tell you they have just received their copy of Breakfast at Cannibal Joe's and not yet actually read it. Jim in Colchester Steve in Solihull Linda in Brit...

On Herring Cove Road, Mr Jew and the Goy Boy by Michael Kroft

Michael Kroft
Michael Kroft says “It's seldom blogger/reviewer Reeca gives out 5 STARS, but she did for On Herring Cove Road!” —    Overview  Mr. Rosen, once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty-year converted introvert who hates change, has lit...

Tortoise: "Gesceap"

Nick Jones
Nick Jones says “Great new track by Tortoise: "Gesceap" via @pitchfork
Leading with a hypnotic latticework of synthesizer chords, "Gesceap" immediately feels light-years removed from the scuffed, hard-bop crunch of Tortoise's ...