Thursday, 1 October 2015

Queen for a day - of bridecrowns in gold and myrtle

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “A radiant bride in a heavenly crown - not everyone was entitled to wear one!” — Let's face it: for women, things went decidely downhill with the advent of Christianity. Take, for example, my northern corner of the world.  Viking women had always had a strong position in societ...


Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “WHISKEY vs BRANDY: via @HunterSJones101 — WHISKEY vs BRANDY Or His Flag is Out. By Hunter S. Jones When the English Historical Fiction Authors announced a blog hop to commemorate four years as a writing group, I was excited about the possi...

Let Californians Vote to Overturn Citizens United!

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “Sign the petition: Let Californians vote to overturn Citizens United ” — The onslaught of money unleashed by the Supreme Court with Citizens United is destroying our democracy. That's why 45,000 Clean Money supporters joined Money Out Voters In and other Californians demanding California’s legislature put a measure on the ballot letting voters tell Congress to overturn Citizens United. The legislature listened and put Prop 49 on the ballot. Unfortunately, California’s Supreme Court silenced voters by removing it from the ballot. N…

How Jerky Can a Jerk Pitcher Be and Not Be Too Jerky for Baseball?

David H Lippman
David H Lippman says “Jonathan Papelbon has finally crossed the Rocker Line by attacking Bryce Harper: via @slate Meet "The Rocker Line!"” — On Sunday, the Washington Nationals’ disastrous season reached a new low when All-Star closer and noted jerk Jonathan Papelbon attacked his superstar teammate Bryce Harper in the Nationals’ dugout. The skirmish began after Papelbon became demonstrably annoyed that the 22-year-old Harper—the presumptive National League MVP—failed to run out a pop...

1D Updates on Twitter

Mara Oudenes
Mara Oudenes says “I'm also going, but on the 25th.” — “Does anyone from the Netherlands wants to go with us (@hxrrys_princess & @mauritia1801 ) to OTRA Newcastle ? ☺️ ~Daimy”

Shakespeare may be marvellous, BUT....!

Janet P. Reedman
Janet P. Reedman says “Shakespeare may be marvellous, BUT….!” — Another version of Shakespeare's Richard...which means the same old, same old, of course. This one is slightly different in that the lead is played by a woman, Emily Carding. She may be truly excel...

New Release by Ariel Marie!!

Jen Winters
Jen Winters says “Fight for the Fae The Mirrored Prophecy 2 by Ariel Marie Coming September 30, 2015 A Paranormal Romance Fight for...” —   Fight for the Fae The Mirrored Prophecy 2 by Ariel Marie Coming September 30, 2015 A Paranormal Romance Fight for the Fae BOOK BLURB Arlina, Guardian of Faery, has sworn to protect all of th...


Jen Winters
Jen Winters says “I can't even say how honored I am!! <3 <3 <3” — Hey Peeps!! It's that time again where I need to introduce you to someone special...and this lady is special for oooh so many reasons but here are a few... She is my PA for commissions/paintings... so, she's your gal if you're looking for a painted book cover or commission. She is

The Contest

Angelique S Anderson
Angelique S Anderson says “The Contest” — This could be you! The first Authors First Novel Competition was won by Christopher Slater for his novel Pup. Christopher won a $5,000 prize, a book contract with The Story Plant, an iPad mini, and...

Michaelmas in Medieval Britain

Anna Belfrage
Anna Belfrage says “Celebrating the harvest! Michaelmas in Medieval Britain via @charnewcomb
Today I am participating in a blog hop to celebrate the release of volume 2 of Castles, Customs and Kings: True Tales by English Historical Fiction Authors, edited by Debra Brown a…

Child Abuse Online

Tina Frisco
Tina Frisco says “Child Abuse Online via @lyzrusso
My daughter brought a disturbing trend to my attention last night.  Apparently it has become fashionable for some idiot parents to shame their children and teenagers publicly by po…