The Wizard's Sword (Nine Worlds of Mirrortac Book 1)


Mirrortac must lead his erfin folk out of their little valley and through a mountain when evil comes for them and other worlds. A mysterious stranger entrusts him with a mission to take a magical warrior's sword across forest, desert and ocean to complete his task. Monsters and sorcery await him.

free kindle book The Wizard's Sword (Nine Worlds of Mirrortac Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 25 Mar 2013
Pages 320
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Book Details

The cat-like erfins live a simple life in the valley of Eol below the great Mountain At The End Of The Earth. When the erfin Mirrortac finds a magical warrior's sword in the woods near his home, his and the lives of all those in his village changes forever. A mysterious stranger tells him of a mission he must complete to prevent an evil darkness from threatening all the worlds. His journey becomes a solitary one in which he meets strange peoples and is forced to fight against monstrous creatures and evil powers. It takes him through a massive rainforest of giant trees, across a desert and over an ocean before he reaches his destination. His battles begin from his own village and into each world where he travels, and continue to the last world of sorcery where he nearly loses his mind. Finally, he realises that the end of one mission is just the beginning for another.