Warrior King Legacy


If you like historical fiction and you’re interested in ancient Gaul, then Warrior King Legacy is a must read for you! A breathtaking debut novel from Anthony Hogger. Warrior King Legacy is the true story of a son's determination to fulfil his father's dream that their nation will never succumb to tyranny. It is a story of courage, of love, of vengeance, and of tragedy.

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Format Kindle ebook
Published 23 May 2014
Pages 363
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The ancient tribes of Gaul are in turmoil: Rome is encroaching on her lands, her townships, her way of life.

Only one tribe has the nerve to stand up to the threat, the Arverni, led by King Celtillus. But, when he is murdered, it is left to his 19-year-old son, Vercingetorix, to unite the disparate tribes into one great army.

Warrior King Legacy is Getorix' story: from the ordeal of his birth and growing up in a brutal world where only the very strongest will prevail, to the siege of Alesia and beyond...

Praise for Warrior King Legacy:

There are books in the world that you read once and forget. There are books that you read two or three times.

Then there are books like Warrior King Legacy, by Anthony Hogger. This barnstorming historical fiction tells the story of Vercingetorix, King of the Gauls, as he strives to forge a nation out of disparate tribes in the face of aggression from the world's greatest superpower - the Roman Empire.

Go beyond Caesar's account of the Gallic Wars. Dig deeper than the Asterix comics. Find the man with a warrior's destiny who took on the might of Julius Caesar.

This is one of the best books we've read in 2014.

Jefferson Franklin Review 30 May 2014

5.0 out of 5 stars A thrill ride from start to finish 30 Aug 2014 By Linda Bahnan Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase Finished it on the tube on Friday and started to read it again immediately! In the course of reading it the first time I went past my stop three times. It's truly gripping. The first word that comes to mind is visceral: the battles, the banquets, the sex - they're visceral. They're graphic, stomach churning, extreme, violent, kick you in the arse, grab you by the nuts visceral. Perfect for the journey to and from work. That's not all. You'll love this book if you're even remotely interested in history, especially Roman and Gallic: it's evocative, realistic, educational even. It gets deep inside the characters so that we start to fall in love and have empathy with them and then, pow! Their insides and yours too are ripped out. It was a bummer to be female in those days, for one character, literally. The language is a joy. If only my favourite lines could be quoted here but they'd be censored. I fear even 'arse' will be. I would not enjoy being on the receiving end of some of the threats and poetic indignities of Vercingetorix and his ilk but I look forward to dealing them out. Be on your guard, the next person who even THINKS of crossing me!

5.0 out of 5 stars An epic in every respect. 13 Jun. 2014 By The other side Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase This was recommended to me and I have to be honest, usually the first I get to experience this kind of vast, rolling historical tale is by watching the movie. And as they tend to be big budget productions, I've always assumed that the books they originate from would surely seem dull in comparison. There is nothing dull about this - far, far from it. Enthralling and powerful, it actually twisted my guts up a few times it is so brutal. I can't image the pressure young Vercingetorix felt with such a weight upon his shoulders. So much to live up to, and so much to overcome.

His achievements were extraordinary, and the author's writing is so compelling that he made me feel real joy and sorrow as I read. It was as gripping as any modern thriller because Hogger manages to blend that difficult line between traditional historical stylising and the tempo that readers of today expect. It's certainly given me a taste for historical fiction - but I have a suspicion that I might be disappointed. This is one of those special reads that will stay with you - and when the movie of it comes out, you'll be thinking - 'Good, but not a patch on the book.'