Voice from the Dark


Fast-paced Crime Thriller that delves into the deep and dark psyche of brainwashed individuals. Can Alice find out the truth behind her searing headaches and memory lapses. Teaming up with a reporter and a junior cop might prove useful in solving several gruesome murders, but ultimately the answer to her questions lies within her own tormented and fractured mind.

free kindle book Voice from the Dark
Format Kindle ebook
Published 12 Jan 2015
Pages 419
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Book Details

ALICE starts a new career with the press and teams up with seasoned reporter CARMEN. She is thrown into the thick of things and asked to investigate the fresh spat of murders happening across the city of Chicago. But little does Alice know, she has been brainwashed and is responsible for the very atrocities she is investigating. Unofficially, she joins forces with TOM, a junior detective, but is completely unaware that it was she who murdered his family in cold blood some 10 years hence. They share a mutual attraction and all too soon begin to fall for each other. Tom is hot on the tail of a kidnapper, but is convinced his case is linked to the gruesome murders occurring throughout the city. The connection between the cases is not the only thing on Alice’s mind, however. Several droning headaches and a few flashbacks tear their way into her waking thoughts. Repressed memories of medical operations and procedures are prevalent and when she hears the bone chilling Voice from the Dark she is filled with dread. When all avenues for answers are exhausted, she turns to the only help available to her- the voices in her head. But then you shouldn't ask questions to which you don’t want to know the answers.