A Vision of the Future (Volume 4 of the FirstWorld Saga)


This is the climax of the FirstWorld Saga. All roads lead to the End of Time, where Simon Redhead and Gadiel will have the final confrontation. Has Simon learned enough to defeat Gadiel, or will he succumb to the evil one's seduction, like Gilgasmesh before him? Gilgasmesh desired immortality. Simon just wants his family back. Is that too much to ask?

free kindle book A Vision of the Future (Volume 4 of the FirstWorld Saga)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 22 Jun 2015
Pages 230
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Warning! This novel may offend people who hold a religious faith, especially the three monotheistic religions.

This is the climax of the FirstWorld Saga. Is Simon Redhead ready to confront Gadiel at the End of Time? It would appear that he still has work to do to arrive at the full understanding of his role as Everlasting Hero. On that journey he will meet the Gods of Chaos and be forced to serve one of them. He will be forced to do something similar for the Gods of Law. He will destroy gods and be cursed by them. He will strive to create a future for the failing dwarves as he has already done for the elves. Simon and Jhamed will take one final journey together that will take them out of normal time and space and ultimately take them to the Conjunction that marks the end of Time and the rebirth of the Cosmos. When Simon and Gadiel eventually meet, Simon will finally understand where Seytan is coming from and realise that they not so different. Will Simon aid Gadiel in his plans or will he choose another path? Will his actions be governed by preordained fate or does he have the free will to make his own choice? And will that choice mean the end of everything or is there still a chance to save his family and find happiness?

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