Tyson Kingsley and his wife Claire have just stumbled upon the deal of a lifetime - Rain Hill Mansion. Common people, Tyson is amazed the home is priced within his budget. He sees all the beauty he can bring back into the home. Unbeknownst to Tyson, he will just need to rid the home of the original owner, first. Will he solve the centuries old riddle before he finds himself alone? When Tyson asks, "Why me?" the answer is shocking.

free kindle book Threshold
Format Kindle ebook
Published 30 Oct 2015
Pages 244
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Some door should have never been opened.

Tyson, Claire and their two daughters move into Rain Hill Mansion. It isn't long before an antique wheelchair becomes more of a problem than just an eyesore. Tyson rids the property of the wheelchair, yet it always finds it's way back. The terrifying noises that come from upstairs, along with the glowing eyes and the snorts from a ghost horse are reason enough for a normal person to abandon the home. Tyson is convinced he can beat this restless spirit and save his family investment. When his daughter gains an invisible friend, he learns there is are secret passages in the walls, between the rooms. When Tyson explores the passages, he finds the key that will help him solve his little "problem."

With each of his family members being attacked, one by one, Tyson is determined to put an end to the suffering by fighting the entity that tries to run the famiily off. With no known ties to the heritage town, Tyson and his family are "outsiders" to start with. The fact that they live in Rain Hill mansion doesn't encourage friendships, either. It seems Tyson's family is not the first to battle the angry spirits trapped in the home. For some reason, the spirit seems to favor Tyson. When the pieces start falling into place, Tyson discovers a dirty family secret that may be worse than the demons that dwell within his home.

As author, Alex Black, said in his review, "You will want to sleep with the lights on." This ghost story is horrifying and is packed with hair raising, bone chilling paranormal experiences. If you like a good ghost story, Threshold will get under your skin.

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