The Willow Branch (The Daermad Cycle Book 1)


Fate took Prince Maryn by surprise, leaving Celdrya to tear itself apart. A century later an army amasses against the warring remains of the kingdom as prophesy sends a half-elven healer on a journey to find the nameless True King. Padraig contends with dark mages, Celtic goddesses, human factions and the ancient animosities of two peoples while seeking a myth. With all this distraction, a man might meet the True King and not recognize him.

free kindle book The Willow Branch (The Daermad Cycle Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 15 Oct 2014
Pages 544
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Book Details

The first book in The Daermad Cycle, The Willow Branch introduces the kingdom of Celdrya and its neighbors, primarily the elven Kindred and the Svard. Daermad is a world with ancient mystical connections to earth. When a Celtic tribe wandered here a millennium ago, they displaced the Kin from their ancestral home and created a long and bitter rivalry while building a prosperous kingdom for themselves.

The story follows two time lines. A century ago, a vengeful Celtic goddess and black mages destroys the royal family and the reader follows the princes Maryn, Perryn and Donyl as they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds. In the current timeline, Padraig (a half-elven healer with of noble birth living among the common folk) is called to find the One's True King who will restore order to the warring factions of Celdrya before the fierce Svard can sweep over the entire land. What is left of Celdrya may not be strong enough to stand against the Svard without help from their old enemy, the Kin.

Why should the Kin help those who have pushed them aside? Dragonkind knows why.

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