The Seventh Magpie


A queen's disappearance. A priceless magical book. A lost love. One terrible mistake. Can Princess Catrin complete seven impossible tasks to regain all she has lost, or will the riddles of the seven Magpies cost her the only thing she still values?

free kindle book The Seventh Magpie
Format Kindle ebook
Published 15 Feb 2015
Pages 264
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Book Details

Sometimes you must give up what you value most to gain what you want even more.

Princess Catrin is just a child when her mother vanishes, leaving her a cryptic legacy: a priceless magical book and the warning that if Catrin ever loses it, she’ll surely die. But she is a young woman on the brink of a whole new life when, in a moment of defiance, she forgets that warning and triggers a catastrophe that shatters all her hopes.

Stricken with grief and guilt, and seeking a way to correct her terrible mistake, Catrin risks everything on a dangerous bargain. Too late, she realizes just how much more she has to lose.

With advice from a half-mad witch and help from companions she meets along the way, Catrin embarks on a desperate quest to defeat seven riddling Magpies—magical tricksters who can shapeshift into anything or anyone—and win back her book or face losing everything she holds dear.

With each step the stakes get higher, and there are secrets she still doesn’t suspect. How much is Catrin willing to sacrifice to finally unmask the Seventh Magpie?

A dark fairy tale of loss and renewal.

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