The Queen Maker (Royal Blood Book 2)


Mere weeks after being crowned, Keiran Sipesh must make his first decisions as king. His country has been invaded, and the woman he loves is quickly drawn into the conflict.

free kindle book The Queen Maker (Royal Blood Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 22 Nov 2014
Pages 334
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Book Details

Mere weeks after being crowned, King Keiran Sipesh receives word of a brutal invasion by the Sadori Empire into Tordania. Already struggling to deal with unrest in his personal life and still learning to cope with being a vampire, the young king is forced to make his first serious decisions as the leader of his country.

The quiet servant, Thana Leoram, is pulled into the conflict. Though her relationship with Keiran is forbidden by law, she is determined to hold on. However, there are multiple forces seeking to tear them apart, and the young woman’s life is put in jeopardy.

While leading the invasion, General Ahman Danier comes to realize there is a treasure far greater than Tordania’s coal mines for him to steal away from King Keiran Sipesh.

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