The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1)


Following the death of his father, the young vampire, Keiran Sipesh, is forced to fight a demon-summoning madman for control of his country.

free kindle book The Phoenix Prince (Royal Blood Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 17 Dec 2011
Pages 298
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Following the death of his father, Prince Keiran Sipesh struggles to be crowned Tordania’s next king. As a vampire, he is aware there are no tales of his ilk governing with compassion, and he wishes to be the exception to the rule. He continues his life-long abstinence from human blood, believing it to be the only way to retain his humanity. Unfortunately, this self-imposed starvation leaves him in a state of vulnerability and weakness.

There are those who would do anything to prevent a vampire from coming to power. One such man is Grand Councilor Peirte Methaius, who seeks to exploit Keiran’s weakness and seize the crown for his own. A secret practitioner of forbidden magic, Peirte knows he is the only one capable of stopping this vampire from ascending to the throne.

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