The Mark (Immoral Virtue)


Accused of witchcraft, she must strip for the masses and prove herself unmarked by the beast. Though she willingly submits to her governor's thorough examination, she is ill-prepared for his shameful grueling probe for it permits him to see and test her every inch and every hollow.

free kindle book The Mark (Immoral Virtue)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 21 May 2014
Pages 134
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"The Mark, a beautifully written and captivating novella, kept me on the edge of my seat and completely spellbound." -Smart Mouth Smut

From the Author: THE MARK (Immoral Virtue, #1) is a highly erotic, non-romantic tale of sexual awakening and abandon, of the duty to submit vs. the desire to resist. Due to its explicit sexual nature, with elements of BDSM and dubious consent, THE MARK is intended for audiences 18 and over.

Be this a witch?

In 1600's New England, it was decreed thus: "Whoever lies with the beast will bear a mark that is insensible and in their most secret parts, and may be located only through diligent and careful search."

Accused of witchcraft, Abigail Prescott must strip for the masses and submit to the Governor's inspection. She is ill-prepared for this shameful, grueling probe as it permits him to see and test her every inch and every hollow.

Governor Jameson Foster has examined many before, but Abigail enchants him like no other. Before he succumbs to her sweet charms, he must uncover the dark truth of this bewitching.

Should she feel his prodding and respond to his touch, her innocence will be proven. And this night he will claim her. Should she resist, fail to cry out in pain or in pleasure, then all will know she is a witch who bears THE MARK.

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