The Hidden Estate


Sam finds herself the heir of an estate she had no idea existed. As she explores the property she discovers hidden treasures, family secrets and one of the most beautiful conservatories she has ever seen (which holds some secrets of its own). As she uncovers the past, she discovers a new outlook on her future.

free kindle book The Hidden Estate
Format Kindle ebook
Published 7 Dec 2012
Pages 162
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Book Details

The Hidden Estate was written during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2012. Within the pages you will find some unusual creatures that don't usually show up in books aside from Memoirs.

With her newfound knowledge, Sam embarks on a journey she never imagined herself taking. She finds a happiness she had never known, and is given a second chance at getting to know her long-lost father. Her story has as many twists and turns as the path she takes from her house to the other side of the estate.

The story does not end at the end of this book. Sam's adventure continues in The Uncovered Dream, and will end in A New Normal (which is still in the being-written stage).

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The Uncovered Dream (The Hidden Estate Series Book 2)


While researching her maternal family to defend her case, Sam discovers more secrets and lies. As she is trying to make sense of what she has learned, tragedy strikes and she is forced to concentrate on the "here and now" rather than the past. During the day-to-day motions of taking care of family, she is faced with lies and deceit from someone she was ready to give her heart to. She finds solace in the realization she is living her dream.