The Black and Tan Summer


Father John tries to keep his village of Cafgarven free from the political blight that has brought about a conflict of tit-for-tat murders between Nationalist rebels and supplimentry policemen. His task gets more difficult when his help is required by men from either side of the conflict.

free kindle book The Black and Tan Summer
Format Kindle ebook
Published 23 Jan 2013
Pages 435
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In 1920, Ireland was torn apart by a conflict as she tried to break free from British rule. It became a bloody conflict of murder as both sides grappled for the people of Ireland. The British government sent out supplementary policemen to swell the ranks of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Most of these men were ex-soldiers from the Great War and had their own special brand of community policing. Lacking any sense of good will and suspecting all to be in league with the Nationalist enemy, the supplementary policemen earned a fearsome reputation and were nicknamed the Black and Tans.

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