Sweeter for the Pain: A Contemporary Romance


Nicole Ross is on her way to work at a secluded forest retreat when her car dies, leaving her stranded. Out of nowhere Finn appears. He’s unfriendly and keeps to the shadows of the trees. As they talk, her fear turns to fascination. When she arrives at her destination, her co-workers say terrible things about him and discourage her from any contact. But, she has to know. Is he a killer? Or just a man with a wounded soul?

free kindle book Sweeter for the Pain: A Contemporary Romance
Format Kindle ebook
Published 7 May 2014
Pages 139
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Book Details

Nicole Ross is on her way to work at Pine View, a secluded forest retreat owned by her cousin, when her car dies, leaving her stranded in unfamiliar territory. Seemingly out of nowhere a man appears, frightening her. He’s unfriendly and keeps to the shadows of the trees. As they talk, her initial fear turns to fascination with the reclusive stranger.

Finn Erickson had chosen a solitary existence after the car crash that robbed him of his family and disfigured his face. He thought he could handle being lonely if it meant avoiding the crushing heartache of loss. Then Nicole, with her sweet eyes and soft smile, invades his isolation, reaches past his defenses, and touches his wounded soul. But he’s not ready for the love she offers.

Nicole's co-workers discourage her interest in Finn, telling her terrible things about him. She doesn't want to believe the cruel gossip. Is he really a killer? Or just a scarred and lonely man?

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