Stone Lord: The Legend of King Arthur (The Era Of Stonehenge Book 1)


Britain, 1900 B.C.. Invaders seek the shores of Albu the White , to take, by force, its precious tin. A chieftain must unite the tribes beneath the lintels of Stonehenge.

free kindle book Stone Lord: The Legend of King Arthur (The Era Of Stonehenge Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 24 Oct 2012
Pages 250
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In Southern Britain, the Giants Dance stands alone on the Great Plain.

For 500 years its massive trilithons have remained unruled by any chief.

With invaders from distant lands attacking Britain’s shores to steal its precious tin, another king must be chosen—this is the Quest of the Merlin, high priest and shaman.

He brings together U’thyr Pendraec, the Terrible Head, and the beautiful Y’gerna, wife of another man, and from them a child is born…a boy who can move a sacred stone and take the ancient dagger beneath…a boy who will become High King.

With totems of power and an ancestral sword from the depths of the sacred lake, Ardhu Pendraec assumes the mantle of the Stone Lord, ruler of the Great Trilithon, protector of ancient Britain....

It is a time of gold-clad kings, a time of ritual and death, a time of Axe and Dagger. The beautiful Irish Princess, Fynavir, the White Phantom, is Ardhu's chosen Bride. The Breton Prince An’kelet, bearer of the Great Spear, is his right-hand man.

Yet, Ardhu's ‘Golden Age’ is fleeting, with betrayal and deception rife by those closest to him—Morigau, his scheming half-sister, who releases the Boar T’orc to ravage the land... and Fynavir and An'kelet, whose forbidden passion may bring down all the young King has worked to attain.

Stone Lord is a book set in Britain's prehistory such as you’ve never read before. Mixing fiction with the latest discoveries, intertwining myth with real archaeology, this is a novel of the prehistoric origins of the man we call KING ARTHUR ...

Moon Lord is the next novel that draws the threads of these prehistory heroes together into a climatic and startling conclusion.

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