These are the secret letters of Comrade Chang. Who he was is not certain...no one quite remembers him...maybe he was imaginary. However he was apparently a spy, a military-industrial spy of some kind in Boston. These are his letters addressed to a number of persons. Due to their sensitive nature, they were never mailed. The book may represent a strange kind of cryptography; the chattiness of the letters may mask a truly complex cover code.

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Published 12 Mar 2017
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These are the spy letters of Comrade Chang. Who he was is not certain...no one quite remembers him...maybe he was imaginary. However he was likely a spy, a military-industrial spy of some kind in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived near Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. These are his letters addressed to a number of persons he knew in China and the U.S. Due to their sensitive nature, they were never mailed.

The book may represent a strange kind of cryptography; the seeming chattiness of the letters may mask a truly complex cover code. The various editors of the text have tried to remain true to the idiomatic English language of the unknown author. It is doubtful that author ever will come forward, but at least now we can all have a glimpse into the strange labyrinthine realm of a spy's introspections on matters both quotidian and possibly heart-shattering.

These are his typed letters addressed to a number of colleagues, family and friends. Apparently due to their sensitive nature, the letters were hidden and not mailed. It's very likely they were never meant to be mailed, but the writing exercise acted as an emotional release in the long days of living in a foreign culture under secretive conditions.

It is also argued the book represents a strange kind of cryptography and that the seeming chattiness of the letters is really a complex cover code, perhaps the code book itself to a primitive new branch of Chinese espionage in English.

The texts seem to have an early pedigree much like the current rapidly developing social media “netizens” effort to get around Chinese Party censors. See Decoding the Chinese Internet: A Glossary of Political Slang (China Digital Times, published in September 2014).

However Comrade Chang espionage “speak” dates from the early 1980s following the death of Chairman Mao and the final two decades of the 20th Century. If true code of that time period, many personal comments by Comrade Chang are more like listening into today’s grandparents culture of the late 70s & 80s and reaching back to post WW2 social ideas. This hints that this espionage talk may indeed be dated as experimental, with early primitive efforts, creatively flawed perhaps but cautiously self-censored.

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