S.W. Vol. 1 (Pt.1): A Book About The Inevitable Battle Of The Sexes. (sEX wARS)


They say the best teacher is experience, and Sex Wars Vol.1 is a book full of real-life stories/learning experiences that anyone can not only enjoy, but also learn from. Some of these stories may be viewed as very controversial, but then again what is sex, love, & war without controversy. Overall this book is intended to entertain, enlighten, and educate.

free kindle book S.W. Vol. 1 (Pt.1): A Book About The Inevitable Battle Of The Sexes. (sEX wARS)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 23 Oct 2013
Pages 52
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A few of “Sex Wars" Chapters;

• Illusions Of Love - A story of when love proves to be the complete opposite of unconditional.

• Play On Player! - This player has played so much that he finally gets what he deserves!

• What's It Gonna Be? - A husband who has to make the decision of someone he loves over something he loves.

• Jungle Fever Divas - Three black women who seemed to have everything going for themselves, actually had everything except for the black man of their dreams.

• Silicon Seductions - This young man never knew what he was in for when he bought his fiance the boob job of her dreams.

• Interracial Interference - A young black girl gone mad because her child's father is now in love with a white woman.

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