Serpent's Keep


When he arrives in the strange village of Serpent’s Keep, Jake knows nothing of the world in which he will soon find himself. His secretive uncle has gone missing, has been declared dead, and has left him everything. Intent on finding out what happened, Jake starts this quest knowing only that it was along this same path that Tobias Quigley vanished, and that his uncle felt it necessary that Jacob pick up the quest, should he fail.

free kindle book Serpent's Keep
Format Kindle ebook
Published 22 Jan 2012
Pages 233
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Book Details

"I bequeath to my nephew, Jacob Quigley, all that I own, all that I dream, and all that I am, in the hope that my life's quest will become his quest."

-- Last Will & Testament of Tobias Quigley

Those few cryptic words send Jake into a bizarre world that couldn't possibly exist. Traveling the Gateways, he will befriend the Eternal Guardians and stand against an ancient enemy.

"If you need to take a break or get a cup of coffee, do so at this point, as you'll be glued to this book moving forward. Five stars."
--Diana L. Top 500 reviewer

The novel was adapted to a miniseries screenplay, a top 10 finalist in an international screenwriting competition.

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