Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice


Richard III dies on the field at Bosworth due to treachery, but that is not the end...his spirit is trapped in what he sees as purgatory. A struggle ensues for redemption and his good name. What price a man's reputation?

free kindle book Sacred King: Richard III: Sinner, Sufferer, Scapegoat, Sacrifice
Format Kindle ebook
Published 4 Aug 2014
Pages 114
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Book Details

SACRED KING, a historical fantasy novella about King Richard III, the battle of Bosworth, and its aftermath. In August, 1485, King Richard III rides on the hunt in Bestwood Park, near Nottingham, and sees a disturbing vision, a man being killed in ritualistic manner, his blood given to the hungry Land. Riding into Leicester with his army several days later, eager to face the invading Henry Tudor and defend his crown, he encounters yet more disturbing omens…the old woman Agnes Black upon Bow Bridge, who prophecies his head will strike the stone upon his return from the field. On the day of battle, the King is betrayed and loses his life in a heroic last charge, his blood falling on the red soil of Redemore Plain…. but that is not the end. A Lady who walks between Heaven and Hell takes Richard Plantagenet to the Middle Kingdom, like the prophet Thomas the Rhymer many centuries before. Will he join her band of unearthly knights, or will he find a way to escape from what he sees as purgatory?

Includes a climax featuring the latter day discovery of the body of Richard III in a car park in Leicester, on the actual anniversary of the King's burial at Greyfriars after Bosworth—the event of his 'return to the world' heralded by brooding storm clouds. A tale of sacrifice and redemption, weaving into the story not only the history of Richard III’s final days, but various underlying legends and pieces of folklore connected with the event. SACRED KING is a fantasy, but perhaps most of all it is a story of hope. It tries to ascribe deeper meaning and a greater heroism using powerful archetypes such as The Doomed Hero, prevalent in stories millennia old.

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