With the unexpected death of his old university professor, paleolinguist, Graham Chandlers is surprised to learn the man had a daughter, Rosetta. Intrigued after she performs a ritual in an ancient language at the funeral service, he is drawn in further when he is left the professor’s journals; journals that hint at a cover-up concerning the professor’s last dig and a paradox that keeps pointing back to Rosetta.

free kindle book Rosetta
Format Kindle ebook
Published 10 Feb 2015
Pages 61
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Book Details

From Simon Cornish

A strong and beautifully folded narrative set in England and Central Turkey, Rosetta is a light mystery novella with a thread of romance running through its pages.

At the funeral of his old archaeology professor Graham Chandlers is surprised to learn that the man had a daughter, the beautiful, damaged and enigmatic Rosetta. He is even more surprised when she performs an unusual ritual at the funeral service, a ritual delivered in an ancient language that only a handful of academics, Graham included, would have a hope of understanding. Warned that years of physical therapy have left Rosetta needy and not entirely rational, Graham still cannot help but be intrigued. He’s drawn in further after being left the professor’s journals which hint at a cover-up concerning unpublished academic papers and events surrounding his final dig. It leads Graham on an investigative journey to unlock a mystery that could unravel accepted scientific doctrine, a discovery for which Rosetta holds the key. But the more he learns, the more fascinated he becomes with her.