Revelation: The Eternal Series Book One


David and Zachary struggles to keep their relationship as father and son. With a recent loss, they continue to grow apart and both fear that they may lose each other entirely. Meanwhile, in a remote village south of Rome, a young girl's destiny is revealed to her via divine message. With events that point to the end of the world, a secret order reveals the ultimate truth to all of mankind. The beginning of the end is now.

free kindle book Revelation: The Eternal Series Book One
Format Kindle ebook
Published 2 May 2016
Pages 238
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Book Details

While mourning the recent loss of a loved one, Zachary feels that his world is crumbling around him.

Meanwhile, David, Zachary's father, struggles to connect with Zachary and loses his grip on the one person that he cares for the most in the world.

Taking a gamble, David receives a new appointment and moves to Rome in the hopes of finding new ground for both him and Zachary to find each other once again. At the same time, forces both divine and malicious, prepare for an eternal war that was started at the beginning of time. With signs on earth pointing to its coming, a secret order holds the key to the one person that can save all the souls on the planet.

As the prophecy is revealed to those that have been guarding it for thousands of years, David and Zachary are unwittingly pulled into a series of events that have been ordained to happen. As the world prepares to see something it has never seen before, or will again, Zachary and David learns the ultimate truth that will either plunge the world in darkness or bring it to eternal peace. The end is now, and its just the beginning.