The Presidents Club (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 2)


Hixon and his loyal K-9 corps, must defend their home turf as they seek the truth behind international conspiracies and encounter the seat of ultimate power-the puppeteers who control the world’s finances. Hixon & co. discover that those same powerful forces who control the world’s money also control the destinies of those who oppose them-a breathless and perilous trek through the jungles of politics and the palaces of power.

free kindle book The Presidents Club (The Barry-Hixon Conspiracy Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 2 Dec 2013
Pages 200
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Comments from reviewers:

  • The infighting in The President’s Club becomes deadly, an interesting metaphor for the death of great movements and initiatives.

  • One of the most fascinating things in The Presidents Club is a national crisis that is treated coincidentally as Hixon and associates deal with a triple assassination and strive to protect the watering hole's patrons and their favorite bartender. Etier provides rich and needed details about the characters, allowing us to better understand them, their relationship, and their actions. Also intriguing are the elderly men themselves, their histories, and their opinions. Although they are, at times, catty, insulting, and sly, they seem like people we'd want to know (Hey, Louie, bring me a beer.) Etier has captured real conversations as the characters' comments overlap, entertain, and yes zing each other.

  • Mr. Etier is an accomplished photographer, and you can possibly tell this by the way he writes his scenes. I can imagine his mind seeing these scenes as photographs and recording the atmospheric details on paper for the reader to enjoy--snapshots in time.

  • The Presidents Club functions very well all on its on as a stand-alone novel, not many authors can accomplish that so, kudos!

  • As the story unfolds and the danger to each person increases the reader the reader learns that these aren’t your stereotypical “old men”, they are quite the characters. I absolutely got a kick out of these guys. You will get hooked on them, just can’t help it. FC Etier is quite talented at creating characters that leave you wanting more of them after you finish reading.

  • The story was very well thought-out - no "paint-by-number" plot sequence here! While the fast-paced action kept me on the edge of my seat, the intelligent story line kept me thinking about such complex concepts as trust and motive long after I put the book down.

  • F.C Etier takes us on an up-to-date wild ride through the dark side of current U. S. politics. We see true agendas being hidden and true faces being masked. We also see the violence that erupts when immensely powerful individuals make power plays. In addition, they attempt to make decisions for the “little guy”. The least influential people often get marginalized…Does this sound familiar?

  • liked that the plot in The President’s Club, a fast paced story not for the faint at heart, felt a bit like a commentary on how big egos crumble strong alliances that could otherwise make a huge positive impact on the world. As a member of a strong alliance, Thibault is trying to make such a positive change. However, both the individual and society have to change together, with the help and guidance of institutions. And while both Thibault and society want positive change, the ideals of the alliance Thibault belongs to are greatly tainted by egos, making for a powerful destructive force.

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