The OOPArt (Plight of the Overlords Book 1)


Set amidst the turbulent upheaval of the 1970's, The OOPArt introduces readers to Kalinda Earle, a daring young marine biologist whose discovery of an Out-Of-Place-Artifact triggers a world-wide chain of events that could mean the end of life as we know it on planet Earth.

free kindle book The OOPArt (Plight of the Overlords Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 7 Feb 2016
Pages 269
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Book Details

On a secretive night dive off the coast of Maui in 1975, marine biologist Kalinda Earle accidentally discovers an Out-Of-Place-Artifact on the seafloor, triggering an historic tsunami. Rescued along with a cruise ship survivor by a conspiracy-minded ex-Navy SEAL, they embark together on a world-wide quest to discover its origin and purpose, pursued by U.S. Special Forces, agents of a power hungry conglomerate known as THULE, and alien observers--all striving to possess its miraculous technology. From Hawaii to the Philippines to Borneo, their perilous path ultimately leads to the Sarawak Chamber, where Kal and companions, inspired by the words of a Zen Master, escape chaos in the world above, breaching the Hollow Gate, in hopes of returning the OOPArt to its place of origin.