On the Okey Dokey Trail: A Smart-Aleck Perspective on the Give and Take of Life


Read this book if you: Are a woman, Have children, Are a twin or have twins, Love adventure, Cherish your girlfriends, Want to take a peek inside the business of Hollywood and Advertising, Thought Fifty Shades of Grey was a book about photography, Are married, Ever lost someone you loved, Are dealing with the whole aging thing, Love to laugh! PS: Men can read too but be warned: nice cars get damaged.

free kindle book On the Okey Dokey Trail: A Smart-Aleck Perspective on the Give and Take of Life
Format Kindle ebook
Published 2 Sep 2014
Pages 235
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Book Details

On the Okey Dokey Trail is a collection of humorous short stories about relationships, work, parenthood, plastic surgery, bad car karma, photography, weed, golf lessons, serendipity, popular culture and its connection to tarot cards plus so much more.

This book WILL NOT help you find or keep a love relationship, grow the perfect rose or child, make dinner, surmount life’s inexplicable tragedies, fix a car or parking ticket, reinvent yourself, have a career in Hollywood or extract the cream filling from a cupcake without it crumbling.

This book WILL make you laugh and offer a perspective on all the above and whatever life serves up.

We are so sure of our ability to entertain you that in this one-time limited offer we will guarantee 1-3 LOL’s or your money back, no questions asked. Well, we may question if you have ever had a sense of humor, but it will be largely rhetorical. We would never post your name anywhere, pinky-swear.