Night Hawk


Successful within the Coalition of Law Enforcement, David Malard had it all until his fiancee was brutally murdered. Grief stricken, he enlists in Earthenia’s Special Forces as they prepare to face a deadly enemy. Before long, an invasion throws him onto the front lines where he must battle not only a powerful army, but the horror he struggles with as he witnesses the brutality of war.

free kindle book Night Hawk
Format Kindle ebook
Published 18 Jun 2014
Pages 589
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Book Details

The Night Hawk series, chronicles the life and struggles of David Malard as he battles both war and his personal struggles on the distant world of Telamier. Book one, Night Hawk, begins the harrowing fight for survival during a planetary war, where David finds himself on the front lines. Trauma, loss, courage and sacrifice are explored while a rich new world, full of alien cultures and surroundings, unfolds.

Meant to inspire as well as entertain, Night Hawk allows readers the opportunity to explore a new world while tackling the many familiar struggles faced in our own lives. Character driven and action-packed, Night Hawk sets a pace similar to film, making it a "movie of the mind". Appropriate for ages sixteen through adult, the book speaks to a wide audience.

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Death stands at the door for David Malard and his remaining friends. With the need for officers in the south, he and a team journey into the mountains, where David's resolve to stand against the evil consuming their world is put to the ultimate test.