Memories of the Second World War


A collection of war memories from people who lived through the second world war: a nurse, a cartographer, a farmer, a wren from Bletchley Park and lots more.

free kindle book Memories of the Second World War
Format Kindle ebook
Published 9 Jan 2015
Pages 86
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Book Details

This book is a collection of interviews with people who remember the Second World War. None of them were on the front line, but some were serving their country as Naval Wrens, one was a Royal Air Force Bomber Command Cartographer, and one was posted at Bletchley Park, involved in the code breaking activities there. Among the other interviewees are a nurse who cared for the people injured in the blasts during the London bombings. She did the best she could, with rationed supplies, working in temporary prefabricated wards.Another contributor, Maureen, who just a little girl at the time, will never forget a US pilot, nicknamed 'Sparky', who sacrificed his life to save her small English town. His B-17 Bomber plane hit trouble in a storm, and he guided the stricken plane away from the buildings before ditching it into a field where all the bombs on board exploded, ending his life. Many of those interviewed were children in the 1940s They remember the excitement of war, the intrigue of the ruins, which they used as playgrounds, the horrid smells of the gas masks, and the sounds of the air raid sirens. One was evacuated to the countryside and tells the tale of a lonely little girl entering a frightening new world of wonder.

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