The Mechanicals (Wyvern Chronicles Book 2)


Hara and Gideon have been asked by the Emperor to sort out a small problem and in return, he will pardon them. It wasn't really their fault they had accidently become pirates. But the small problem of rescuing a runaway bride turns into stopping a plot to take over the empire and wholesale slaughter of dragon kind.

free kindle book The Mechanicals (Wyvern Chronicles Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 26 Sep 2016
Pages 152
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Book Details

The second book in the Wyvern Chronicles we see the return of Hara and Gideon. After accidently becoming pirates they are looking for a way to clear their name when Gideon's great grandnephew who is also the Emperor gives them an opportunity. One favor for one pardon.

At first, the task is simple, rescue a reluctant bride from a Duke who has nefarious plans for the young woman. With the jilted groom along for the ride, they discover that this isn't just about stealing someone else's bride but an attempt to take over the Empire. As the Duke and a scientist have gotten hold of a poison that can kill dragons and they plan to commit genocide of the dragons in the Wyvern Empire.

The reluctant bride unaware that her close relation to the throne has made her into a pawn goes to the duke for sanctuary only to uncover his unscrupulous nature.

Hara and Gideon with their small crew on the Blazing Blunderbuss are now committed to fighting an army of mechanical monsters and a megalomaniac duke.