Lock Creek: One Year's Time (Lock Creek Time Capsule Book 1)


Sheriff Derrick Decker may be a high profile member of this small community, but he manages to keep his personal life low profile. However, when newcomer, Anne Howard, moves to town, it seems the most eligible bachelor in Lock Creek finds himself thrust into the throes of the gossip wheel. It seems this sweet, "girl next door" has a secret. A big one! Once it comes out, the sexy, charming sheriff will find himself torn between loyalty and honor.

free kindle book Lock Creek: One Year's Time (Lock Creek Time Capsule Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 11 Apr 2015
Pages 306
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Book Details

Sheriff Derrick Decker has plenty of women flanking him, hoping to catch his eye and become his Mrs. Enigmatic and reclusive, the lack of information about what this man does in his personal life leads some in this gossipy small community to speculate and wonder. Rumored to have a criminal history of his own, Derrick refuses to refute the rumors, adding suspicion to his character by those with an ax to grind. However, for his loyal following, it gives him a "bad boy" edge that only adds to his appeal. Understanding the obligations of his position, Derrick is guarded about who he allows in his personal life.

Anne Howard is looking for an escape. Prodded by her childhood best friend/cousin, Anne moves to the sleepy little community of Lock Creek. This airy community seems like a perfect place to hide from her past. Some people hide from old lovers, ex-husbands or "bad guys." Not Anne! Anne is hiding from something entirely different and her reasons mean the difference in life and death. Realizing her new community is woven together by threads of gossip and diatribe, Anne feels more determined than ever to keep her secrets buried in the past. Being new to the community, and the fact that she keeps to herself, Anne feels a stand-offish resistance from her new neighbors. However, her bubbly smile and girl-next-door looks help ease the tension with the men in the community, including Derrick Decker. When her past catches up to her, Anne may discover the true beauty of Lock Creek.

Waiting tables at the local cafe, Anne learns that Sheriff Derrick Decker is one of the most popular, sought-after men in the community. Day in and day out, she watches women shamelessly throw themselves at him. Though she finds the hype over him to be endearing, it isn't until she is forced to spend time alone with him that she discovers her own interests in this hometown hero.

Having heard the rumors of his alleged criminal activities, Anne is cautious, yet drawn to Derrick's charm and winsome, dimply grin. She finds comfort in his eyes and security in his presence. However, she finds herself alone with Derrick for a second time, and this time is completely different than any of her previous interactions with him. When he drives her down a dark, deserted road that dead ends at a lake, she begins replaying the rumors of the good sheriff being a sex crazed, raping murderer. Afraid for her life, Anne quickly realizes that Sheriff Derrick Decker is not who she thought he was. What happens next will change everything Lock Creek has known about their beloved Derrick Decker.

Welcome to Lock Creek!

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