The Law of Isolation (The Chronicles of Tevenar Book 2)


The Matriarch of Ramunna needs a wizard’s healing magic to conceive an heir. The wizards of Tevenar need food to stave off a deadly famine. Can Elkan and Josiah persuade the Mother to change the Law that forbids contact and strike the bargain that will save both lands?

free kindle book The Law of Isolation (The Chronicles of Tevenar Book 2)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 3 Nov 2015
Pages 444
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"Well developed characters and engaging writing." -Amazon Reviewer

The Matriarch of Ramunna needs an heir. Only the lost healing magic of the ancient wizards can help her conceive and bear the daughter who will ensure Ramunna’s future. She sends an expedition to seek the wizards who legends say still dwell somewhere far across the uncharted ocean.

Tevenar hovers on the brink of disaster. Elkan, Josiah, and the rest of the Wizard’s Guild battle a virulent wheat blight, but even the Mother’s power might not be enough to prevent a deadly famine.

Two lands, separated for a millennium by divine decree. Each holds the key to the other’s survival. But in order to strike the bargain that could save them both, they’ll have to persuade the Mother herself to change her Law and end the isolation that has protected Tevenar for centuries.

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