Language in the blood: Book 1


Until the outbreak of the First World War, young Cameron Blair would have liked nothing better than to stay in Edinburgh and marry his childhood sweetheart. As the call to arms goes out, Cameron and his pals sign up to fight for their country. They are soon delivered into the nightmare of war, and there Cameron more than meets his maker. This is a dark comedy, not suitable for the faint-hearted. Cameron, our vampire, has an unusual diet.

free kindle book Language in the blood: Book 1
Format Kindle ebook
Published 16 Aug 2013
Pages 246
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This is a dark comedy, not suitable for the faint-hearted. Cameron, our vampire, has an unusual diet. Here are some of the five star reviews: What is it about vampires that is so interesting? So appealing? They are, after all, nightmare creatures who feast - often savagely - on hapless humans and yet... and yet we find them fascinating. In Angela Lockwood's novel "Language in the Blood" we meet Cameron Blair, a vampire with a unique gift that allows him to instantly learn the languages of the people he feeds on. This, as you can imagine, gives him an enormous edge in seducing his victims while helping him to avoid capture and, likely, instant execution. What sets this novel apart from many others in the genre is the fact that Lockwood takes us on a fascinating journey through Cameron's "life" after he is turned into a vampire on a World War I battlefield. He does not realize, at first, what has happened to him and there is no one to guide him: His "Maker" simply turned him into a vampire and then disappeared leaving Cameron to sort out his new existence on his own. He does, but as a boy from the streets of Edinburgh it is not easy for him to learn what he must to survive and, ultimately, to both embrace his new life and profit from his new existence. In Cameron, Lockwood has created a character that you can both like and dislike at the same time. He is bewildered at first, confused and alone: As he struggles to avoid capture by the soldiers he apparently deserted after being turned into a vampire and attempts to adapt to his new life we feel enormous sympathy for this young man who has been thrust into a nightmare. Later, as he learns to "be" a vampire we dislike his ability to be cruel and calculating; his willingness to kill. And yet we still find him fascinating. Lockwood's narrative is smoothly written and she has infused Cameron's story with humor, pathos, danger and sarcasm. The dialogue is crisp and the plot contains some nice twists and turns as we follow Cameron from his earliest days living on rats on the streets of Paris to his life as a wealthy man living aboard a yacht on the Cote d'Azure. In addition, Lockwood has added some finely drawn secondary characters to the narrative; men and women who pass through Cameron's long life. Some become friends, others become lovers and a few are enemies intent on his destruction. She has also shown us that, in the end, Cameron has perhaps not completely lost his humanity and is still capable of "doing the right thing" for a friend. If you are a fan of vampire literature, this book is one you should definitely read.

And one more: Language in the Blood is a unique and entertaining vampire story. Twenty-year-old Cameron Blair began his life as a vampire after being shot during WWI. His maker, unfortunately, didn’t stick around to teach him how to live his new life. Cameron had to learn about being a vampire through trial and error and, as a result, he made a lot of mistakes. One painful lesson that Cameron ended up learning the hard way was never to fall in love with a human. Angela Lockwood's tale takes the reader around the world as it follows Cameron's ever-changing residences and identities. The book alternates between the 1900s and the twenty-first century. I found Cameron's obsession with Facebook and a vampire chat-room to be, cleverly written and quite funny.

Although, Cameron is self-serving, manipulative and even ruthless at times, his charm and quick wit makes him a likable character. Language in the Blood is not your typical vampire story. Cameron would rather kill a human than deal with their irritating behavior, but to keep a low profile, he does his best not to. To curb his ever increasing appetite for human blood, though, Cameron develops a taste for dogs, cows, and even an occasional horse when necessary.

This story is well-written with dark humor, witty dialogue, intriguing characters and a meticulously crafted plot. Kudos, to Angela Lockwood for writing such a compelling and entertaining tale. Anyone who loves a good vampire story, look no further, Language in the Blood is the book for you.

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