Keep Off This Grass: battle for gold and uranium in colonial Rhodesia


A tale of international intrigue set in the glorious ranch land of Rhodesia in the early 20th Century. A young veterinary surgeon is faced with management of a large herd of cattle, but the ranch is suddenly plagued with veldt fires, poisoning, stampede, flooding and even attempted murder.

free kindle book Keep Off This Grass: battle for gold and uranium in colonial Rhodesia
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Published 15 Apr 2014
Pages 188
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Action and Adventure in colonial Africa, you must READ ON: A young veterinary surgeon, who has recently inherited his father’s estate in Southern Rhodesia, is suddenly confronted by a series of incidents from people who want him to sell his ranch, which he politely by firmly refuses, they try other methods! The situation becomes complicated by the return to Rhodesia of his twin younger sisters, and a friend, which also attracts the attention of the local medical officer and the community policeman. The first method used by his opponents is to burn him out by setting fire to veldt grassland using a wind to consume his ranch house; he subsequently meets a more senior Inspector of Police who offers his advice.
His workers then find four poisoned deer, which on investigation is found to come from an arsenical cattle dip poured into one of the lakes for his cattle. He knows he has to drain the lake and whilst doing that he finds an underground cavern, which is obviously a disused gold mine from previous civilisations. In exploring the drainage system for the cavern he is shot at by a sniper, but fortunately is not hit by a bullet, although the police find a cartridge from a rifle and mysterious footprints and vehicle tracks. The police offer advice that the underground cavern may date back to the Zimbabwe civilisation of several hundred years earlier, and they begin to explore the huge cave, which they give a local name. In the meantime regular operations have to continue on the ranch. Cattle have to be dipped and inoculated against contagious diseases, calves have to be separated from their parent cows, and ranch staff and their families need medical attention. He and a policeman discover an unwelcome pair spying on their activities in the cavern, and they manage to avoid an explosion which would have buried them all. It is then they find the heliograph system that is reporting on their movements, and the interest of the police deepens. It transpires that is not gold but another valuable mineral that the attackers are after, and the plot deepens with international activists involved. A gang try to drive off and stampede cattle in one area; another large group of men bent on trouble are driven off with the help of the police, using aircraft and tear gas. Tony is speared by an assegai in his shoulder, but recovers. The police find that there are even traitors in their own ranks, but the culprit is arrested, and is found to be carrying a concealed revolver. The plot unravels and there are several happy endings.

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