Ka-Bing: Secrets for Using Bing Ads to Blow Up Your ClickBank!


This short eBook will show you a technique that can drastically change your Bing Ads PPC game, get thousands of ad exposures and tons of clicks at a fraction of the usual price! Blow up your ClickBank!

free kindle book Ka-Bing: Secrets for Using Bing Ads to Blow Up Your ClickBank!
Format Kindle ebook
Published 23 Jan 2015
Pages 19
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Internet sales and marketing. Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone’s doing it, so it seems. But who is really making money with it? That’s a good question! I’m all ears, or eyes! Who is making money with Internet sales and marketing?

I got my first start in Internet sales back in 2003. I started selling yard sale items on eBay, and then buying products wholesale, then drop-shipping. And the next thing I knew, I had a small at-home business.

Shortly thereafter, I started building landing pages for affiliate products and busting my butt to always keep up with Google’s latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules. I was churning out the most beautifully optimized articles and landing pages. But, it seemed like just as soon as I had made any headway with Google’s latest search algorithm, a new algorithm had come out and had bumped me down the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Take 2 steps forward and 5 steps back! Thanks Google!

Over the years, I’ve watched things totally change with Internet marketing. The growth of social media, viral videos, blogs, changes in SEO – I mean, there’s so much to follow these days in how online marketing is affected. There is Twitter, Facebook, instagram, Linkedin, Poachable, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Vine and on, and on, and on! Which one, or ones, do you pick? Which ones will you use?

Since way back in 2003, I’ve had some great ideas and implemented some great strategies that have made me money. Other times? I’ve fallen flat on my face. (That might explain some things with the face!) I’ve read. I’ve done training videos. I’ve done my own experiments. And, well finally, one day, with the help of Bing Ads, I made some money with a very simple technique – one technique! Or maybe, a combination of techniques from all of my rogue training. This was a technique that didn’t require me to have a website – a technique that I could set up in about 30 minutes (Really!), and a PPC (Pay Per Click) method that worked financially for the average guy like me – a guy on a shoestring budget who couldn’t compete with the Internet gurus, or scam artists on their yachts. This technique is what I’ll be sharing with you in this eBook!

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