Julie & Kishore


It is the late '80's, Julie is from New Zealand and Kishore is from India. He immigrates to her homeland, they meet and begin a relationship. Julie and her family know barely anything about Indian people or the culture. She is cautious, yet determined to not let other peoples prejudices deter her from falling in love.

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Published 2 Oct 2014
Pages 208
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Julie & Kishore

Julie is a self-confessed freckled faced, red-haired plain Jane. She is confused about her career and her life.
But, she is sure of one thing, her dream of having a white wedding.

Kishore is a shy, quiet Indian guy who immigrated to New Zealand in the late '80's. Two years after arriving in Julies home country, the couple meet and fall in love. Family and friends voice their concerns about Julies
boyfriend, 'the Indian man.' The couple battle on and try not to let other peoples' opinions affect their
feelings for each other.

Eventually they become engaged and the inevitable happens. They travel to India to meet Kishore's family.
What sort of reception will they receive? Will Kishore's very traditional parents accept an English girl as
their eldest sons impending wife?

Can their love survive the prejudice they face?

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Julie & Kishore: Take Two


Julie & Kishore: Take Two is the sequel to Julie & Kishore. The couple return from India, with Julie full of tales of her amazing trip. They return to work and 'normal' life. Julie begins to plan for her long-awaited white wedding, when unexpectedly, a return trip to India must be made.