It Seemed Like A Good Idea


A focus on odd experiences during work or travels when it really seemed to someone (the author or others) that whatever was happening was the most logical course of action. When you are in the moment, "logic" becomes fluid. If someone had told me before moving to Seoul or Ho Chi Minh City or some of these other places that all these strange things would happen, I'd laugh it off and say "you're outta your mind!"

free kindle book It Seemed Like A Good Idea
Format Kindle ebook
Published 25 Jan 2015
Pages 64
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Book Details

With more than a decade in the media and 5+ years in ESL education, Harry Hodge's career has taken some twists and turns in locations around the world. From teaching English to S. Korean elementary students to pulling rickshaws in Canada to playing a Spanish colonel on Vietnamese TV, the term "I'll try anything once" has never been more appropriate. "It Seemed Like A Good Idea..." marks Harry's first foray into the world of non-fiction, published by Two Franks Media. If you've ever heard anyone preface a tale of hijinx with those six words, this is the read for you.