In Search Of Sushi Tora


Even educated women in this millennium struggle with who makes dinner for the family, who drives its focus. Award-winner In Search of Sushi Tora looks at the challenges of a family pulled in too many directions in the search for perfection. When you become so enmeshed in the process, you can lose sight of what counts most. Because what is perfection worth if it doesn't create contentment with your life and the lives of the ones you love?

free kindle book In Search Of Sushi Tora
Format Kindle ebook
Published 20 Sep 2011
Pages 305
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Book Details

This is a novel about a hardworking American family. There is a father who has attained his highest dream. He has a supportive wife, Lucy, the mother of their three sons. It all looks so perfect, from an outsider's point of view. These people ought to be happy. And yet, we know that happiness comes from how you feel about yourself. This is a story about what happens when people lose perspective, when their focus is shifted to how things look, when they allow outside forces to dictate what they do, rather than determining what is right for them, as individuals. Sometimes, we lose sight of who is making all the rules, and how we should apply those rules to our lives.

Even after the Women's Movement in the 1970's, there remain pockets of women that, for whatever reason, be it financial stability, religious outlook, or lack of confidence, were able to stay at home in a more traditional family role, which in today's world tends to be looked down upon. They often chafe at what can feel like second-class status in their own homes.

In Search of Sushi Tora paints a picture of several women in this situation, and has been called "courageous and honest" because of how it approaches women's struggles, even in this millennium, with surprising dynamics.

The novel was named a Finalist for First Novel in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, which is one of the most prestigious book awards for independent publishers and authors worldwide.