Ilonka's Garden: Personal Memoirs


Find the twists that only destiny can prepare for us – actors on the scene of life. Find the strength which only love can give us. Find the refined beauty that only the simplest things can reach. Find the gratefulness for all gifts that are granted to us freely. Heroines are living as ordinary people; they are not born in royal cradles, they are not born in famous places. There, would not have found their true origin – love.

free kindle book Ilonka's Garden: Personal Memoirs
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Published 23 Feb 2015
Pages 27
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Personal memories. As well-known fact, the first three years of life are the most important for the future development of every person, but we generally do not remember them.
Sometimes it is bliss and sometimes it is a curse we cannot remember what happened during that part of our lives. I remember many events from those first five years of my life that I spent with my grandmother, many simple fragments of ordinary days, particular people I met, and certain situations are clear as if just happened. My grandmother gave her full attention to me.

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