Ice (Minterville Series Book 1)


On a Friday morning, a terrible crisis unfolds in Minterville, Georgia. As Police Chief Andy Thompson tries to handle the situation, a dreadful, decades-old secret is revealed. A secret that has put the lives of twenty Minterville women in mortal danger. Will Chief Andy and the others in the town be able to save the women, or will their beloved community be destroyed forever?

free kindle book Ice (Minterville Series Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 29 Sep 2014
Pages 125
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Book Details

  1. Official Amazon Blurb: The people of Minterville, Georgia know that something is wrong in their once-idyllic community. The reclusive and mistrustful people of Minterville are uneasy about the presence of two suspicious families, the Quirogas and the de los Santos. Since their arrival six months prior, the people of Minterville have lost The Minter, a form of telepathic communication available only to them. Because The Minter cannot function in the presence of evil, the community concludes that the Quirogas and the de los Santos have sinister motives for settling into the community. Mayor Tom Watson and Police Chief Andy Thompson have been trying desperately to figure out the reason for the families’ sudden entrance into Minterville. The reason becomes clears one Friday morning: they have been sent by Manuela Escribano (aka the “Ice Queen”), a powerful and vindictive drug lord, to collect an old drug debt. Unfortunately, it is too late; Escribano’s diabolical plan to ensure payment has already been set into motion. Time is of the essence; Tom, Chief Andy, and the rest of Minterville must act quickly before innocent people die and their beloved community is destroyed forever.

  2. What reviewers have said about Ice:

    1. "nerve-tingling"
    2. "an unusual crime scene"
    3. "the enormity of the crime scene took my breath away"
    4. "Supernatural, drama, thrills, and spills"
    5. "This book is so original that you can't really compare it to something else"
    6. "Foreshadowing and plot twists are delivered with deft precision"
    7. "Jessica has a way of drawing the readers in and then delivering the unexpected"
    8. "'Ice' delivers a chill that is hard to shake"
    9. "cleverly crafted and fast-moving genre-blender"
    10. "the author creates dynamic characters, who are well developed"