Autobiography of a Terrorist: A journey from Death to Life


A true story of an Ex-Terrorist from an off-shoot group of Al-Qaeda in Pakistan who gave up arms Six years ago, tracing his journey from being a riot - victim to a trained terrorist from Pakistan involved in multiple bombings across Afghanistan, Algeria and India to circumstances leading to his transition back to a normal human being.

free kindle book Autobiography of a Terrorist: A journey from Death to Life
Format Kindle ebook
Published 1 Feb 2015
Pages 279
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Book Details

“Al – Qaeda is fake”

“9/11 was a conspiracy hatched by the US government”

“Jihad is just a recruitment strategy for the politically – motivated ‘pseudo – war’ propagating organisations created by various governments”

“Post – Godhra Gujarat riots of 2002 were political, not communal”

Learn the truth about 'Jihad', 'Al - Qaeda', '9/11' and terrorism in general from an ex-terrorist, who gave up arms six years ago.

This is a true story of an ex-terrorist, previously belonging to an offshoot organisation of Al Qaeda operating from Pakistan, in his own words but penned by Author 'Raj'. The two of them bumped into each other by sheer coincidence and fate led that guy to somehow trust a complete stranger and speak out his story to him to tell the world all about the true world of terrorism.

The autobiographical story traces his life right from his simple childhood spent in a suburb in Gujarat to his traumatic experience during the post - Godhra riots that took place in Gujarat in Feb./Mar. 2002. That is where his life took a major turn and with revenge on his mind, he joined an off-shoot of Al - Qaeda in Pakistan, Lashkar-e-Jehadi-al-Islami (LeJI), as an under - training revolutionary / freedom fighter / terrorist in Pakistan and Pakistan - controlled - Kashmir. He undertook various missions for that organisations and, finally, he returned to India in 2008 for a nationwide spree of bomb attacks. But, with a strange twist of destiny, he got caught in one of the explosions planned by his group and landed in a hospital surrounded by various people who had been injured in the multiple explosions caused on 13th Sept. 2008 in New Delhi, India.

From then on, the story revolves around what happened to him in that hospital that changed his life once again and made him give up his arms and transform his life. He changed his name and started helping victims of terrorist attacks anonymously taking help from secret donors from around the world and, today, runs a small business like any other normal Indian.