Hunter Down (Roger and Suzanne mystery series Book 12)


A high-powered rifle shot rings out in California’s early morning stillness launching Roger and Suzanne into another suspenseful mystery thriller. In a complex whodunit set against a backdrop of pointing dogs and canine hunt tests, private detective Roger Bowman has to solve a murder case with no clues, no suspects, and no apparent motive. There’s lots of action as the dogs hunt for birds while the humans hunt for a cold-blooded killer.

free kindle book Hunter Down (Roger and Suzanne mystery series Book 12)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 18 Oct 2015
Pages 292
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Book Details

The seventh novel in the popular Roger and Suzanne mystery series is the second novel (after "The Deadly Dog Show") starring prize-winning dog Juliet as a featured character. Suzanne, with a lot of help from Bruce, enters Juliet and her puppy Romeo in several local hunt tests. Naturally, Suzanne finds a dead body at the hunt test venue her first time handling Romeo. Roger, recruited at the scene by an old friend from the local Sheriff’s Department, is asked to help in the murder investigation. It looks like an impossible case to solve. Roger launches a complex, multifaceted investigation, picks up a couple of paying clients and a new detective for his agency, and gets to learns all about canine hunt tests. There’s a lot of suspense as we join the dogs and the detectives hunting their prey while also peeking into the Southern California social scene and lifestyle. A must for German shorthaired pointer and other hunting dog owners, breeders, and handlers, dog lovers in general, and mystery fans. All of the books in this series can be read as standalone entries or in series order. FREE from Kindle Unlimited.

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The Matador Murders, a South American mystery novel, is set in Montevideo, Uruguay and Santiago, Chile. With apologies to reality, the Montevideo of this novel is much like the lawless Chicago of the prohibition years. That’s part of the fun of writing fiction----an author can turn one of the most law-abiding and civilized big cities in the world into the wild, wild west of the 19th century American frontier with the stroke of a pen.

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Are you ready to visit Cuba? With a group full of suspicious tourists, the Cuban Intelligence Services, the CIA, and a sprinkling of other suspicious characters waiting for them in Havana, Roger and Suzanne have no shortage of suspects in their newest mystery novel. The book was inspired when the author and his wife recently took the same tour Roger and Suzanne join in the novel, so the scenery is authentic and it's hot, humid, and sunny.

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Abra Cadaver (Roger and Suzanne Mystery series Book 14)


New Release: Why did the client’s husband disappear just a couple of days after his wedding? The setting is a winery in Northern California’s Central Valley. Roger is hired to find the missing husband and the reader is off on another suspenseful case that will entertain mystery fans, dog lovers, and wine aficionados. Like all the Roger and Suzanne novels the books can be read in any order so readers can begin the series with this novel.