On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Rosen and His 43Lb Anxiety


Mr. Rosen is broken, and the only thing keeping him together is his progressively sickening wife. To make matters worse, his wife had insisted and then moved them to a smaller house in lower-middle class neighbourhood directly next door to racist whose nine-year old son addresses him as Mr.Jew. The future looks pretty bleak for Mr. Rosen, but all is not as it may seem.

free kindle book On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Rosen and His 43Lb Anxiety
Format Kindle ebook
Published 3 Jun 2014
Pages 274
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Book Details

The first book of the Herring Cove Road series.

A feel-good contemporary novel of love, friendship, death and healing.

Five Stars "A touching and thought provoking book." -Dan Alatorre, author of the #1 bestseller "Savvy Stories: funny things I learned from my daughter"

Five Stars "I cried -only to have a smile brought to my face before the tears even dried." Carol H.F.

Mr. Rosen, once an amusing extrovert with a reputation as a prankster, is entering his senior years as a stoic, thirty-year converted introvert who hates change, has little to no interest in people and is more than content to have his wife sit at the navigator’s seat of his life. Since becoming a practising introvert, there have been almost no changes in his life, and for the few that there were, his wife had walked him through them, including the recent move to a much smaller home in a lower-middle-class neighbourhood where he lives directly next-door to a racist whose nine-year old son addresses Mr. Rosen as Mr. Jew.

Mr. Rosen had seen the move coming, and he is very much aware of the enormous change to come sometime in the, hopefully, far off future; though, he refuses to give it any attention. That change will come on slowly and painfully and will eventually leave him charting his own life’s route.

This heartwarming, feel-good novel offers a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Mr. Rosen's world of habitual routine begins to implode while on a collision course with the chaotic world of the innocent child, its troubled mother and vengeful father.

** "On Herring Cove Road: Mr. Jew and the Goy Boy has put me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. I was amused and I was angry. I cried - only to have a smile brought to my face before the tears even dried. Got my ticket and am getting in line for the next ride, Still On Herring Cove Road- Hickory, Dickory, Death." - Carol H. F., Ramona, CA, United States

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