Gateway to Magic


The story of a gaming fanatic trapped in Fairyland where technology is banned by law

free kindle book Gateway to Magic
Format Kindle ebook
Published 20 Jan 2013
Pages 316
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Steven hates Fairyland – there are no video games, no chicken nuggets and no one tells the truth. He has to deal with spiteful cousin Tracy, who goads him into activating the interdimensional gateway, Nigel the Nuisance, an out-of-control shape shifter who insists on being his best mate, and the diva-like Fairy Queen who embroils him in some mysterious game of her own. Steven’s only chance of escape is to use magic to forge a gateway back to Earth.

There’s no controlling this dimension with a console – Steven must use his own ingenuity to survive and get himself home. But can he believe in himself enough to do it?

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