Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More: Build on your successes and take your writing to the next level


This book is aimed at people who have had modest successes in publishing and want to take their writing to the next level.

free kindle book Freelance Writing: Aim Higher, Earn More: Build on your successes and take your writing to the next level
Format Kindle ebook
Published 5 Jan 2015
Pages 132
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Book Details

In 2011 Susie Kearley quit a career in marketing to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a full-time freelance writer. She had no contacts, no real experience in the publishing industry, and no idea whether she would succeed. Yet through sheer tenacity, determination and hard work, she built a solid career as a freelance writer, in the middle of a global economic recession. Today, she works for some well-known publications and earns a living from her writing. In this book, Susie discusses her approaches to getting published and answers many of the burning questions asked of any freelance writer: - How much money do writers make? How much do you earn? - How can I generate more income from my writing? - Where can I find the best opportunities in freelance writing? - How can I learn from rejection and increase my chances of success? - How do I break into magazines and newspapers overseas? - Do I need an agent? What can they do for me? - What's it like working with a small press book publisher? - What are the biggest challenges to a sustainable freelance career, and how can I overcome them? This book discusses writers' average earnings and the many challenges facing someone following a freelance career. It explains how to generate income from feature articles, blogging, books, photography, and content creation for business. It details the money to be made from associations that pay out secondary royalties on your articles, photographs, and books. It also looks at record keeping and organisational skills - essential requirements once your workload reaches a certain level. This book is written for those writers who've seen modest successes in publishing, to help them take their writing to the next level. It will help anyone looking for new inspiration and insight, who wants to earn more from their writing. There are many beginners books on the market. This book is different. It focuses on making a regular income from writing. It doesn't go into great detail on the basics like how to pitch, because that's covered in lots of other books, including the author's first book, Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens. Part 1 focuses on different ways of making money from your writing. Part 2 looks at working for magazines around the world and discusses the things you need to think about when you write for overseas markets. Part 3 looks at opportunities in book publishing, a day in court, professional indemnity insurance, marketing, social media and writing as therapy.

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