Facade of Evil: and other tales from Heathen with Teeth (Sanguinem Mittere Book 0)


Four linked tales of terror and tragedy show us a world where we are the monsters and the undead are oppressed and annihilated. Throughout these grim glimpses of hopeless situations, a saviour of the vampires emerges. How far will this mysterious symbol of rebellion go to rescue his people and advance his cause, and who will be swept up in the unstoppable tides of change that he is creating?

free kindle book Facade of Evil: and other tales from Heathen with Teeth (Sanguinem Mittere Book 0)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 25 Feb 2016
Pages 112
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Book Details

In 'Facade of Evil', a group of human Purifiers encounter a vampire guarding a house with a terrible secret. As the undead foe plays on their fears and plays with their perceptions, they start to realise that nothing is what it seems - not in that house of corruption, and not even in the world outside.

In 'A Mutual Truth', a Purifer nurses a guilty conscience and finds himself driven to follow a new path. Is he heading towards damnation or redemption?

In 'Deluge', a girl runs away from home to the city of Caldair, where vampires and Baneful mutants roam freely. There she is swept up in art and music, expression and rebellion, and discovers that in the world she lives in, these things come at a terrible cost.

In 'The Central Point of Grief', a Baneful man traverses a maze that has become a morgue, to investigate the genocide of his people. Were vampires responsible or did something much more sinister prompt the massacre that took away everyone he loved?