Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils Book 1)


This delightful first book in the Tales Behind the Veils series chronicles wedding planner Tyler’s wacky misadventures, both personal and professional. She wants to hold out hope for her own fairy tale ending, but life doesn't seem to be working out that way. Whether she’s getting insane requests from brides or outlandish requests on dates, you’re sure to be charmed and entertained by the Diary of a Single Wedding Planner.

free kindle book Diary of a Single Wedding Planner (Tales Behind the Veils Book 1)
Format Kindle ebook
Published 18 Jun 2015
Pages 261
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Book Details

Wedding planner Tyler Warren left heartbreak behind when she ran away from her small Southern hometown and started a new life in a big city. Years later, she wants to believe in the fairy-tale endings her job promotes. She's surrounded daily by love and romance, but her crazy bridezilla clients are beginning to make her doubt whether or not it's even real.

Meanwhile, her own attempts at romance play out as bizarre comedies rather than love stories, and she’s starting to think Prince Charming got eaten by a dragon. When unresolved issues from Tyler’s past complicate things even further, she discovers she may yet have some things to figure out before she can find her own happy ending.

This delightful and lighthearted story features Southern humor written in a diary format from Tyler's point of view. There is mild language and some passionate kisses, but no sexual activity. It is a lovely mixture of Tyler's daily experiences as a wedding planner, along with her less than stellar encounters in the dating world.